How it works

Before the production begins, we go through the various building blocks that you want it to contain.
These are:


  • All the details about the products that are to be visualised
  • What makes the product stand out?
  • What is the difference compared with competitors?
  • What do you want the visualisation to achieve?
  • Own experiences of graphics, film, etc.
  • How will the presentation be used, sales tool, training, trade fairs, web

Graphic design

  • Colours, shades, black & white
  • Graphics 2D, 3D, interactive
  • Should core values be promoted?
  • Should customer value propositions (CVPs) be included?


  • Scene-by-scene presentation
  • Film in images
  • Stills of the presentation’s various point
  • Narrative technique, panning, zooming, parallel stories, editing technique


  • Will there be a voiceover?
  • Will the operator narrate the presentation?
  • Male/female voice
  • Computerised voice during production


  • The main work gets going
  • Time to begin animating, modelling, filming, photographing, illustrating


  • Effects, music
  • Purchased music files

Explain with graphics
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